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Cognitive & Potential Assessment

BOP – Brain Orientation Profile


COPAS – Cognitive & Potential Assessment


 The COPAS measures the candidate’s cognitive function in a comprehensive way.  It consists of symbolic test-items and measures the candidate’s current mental ability, potential to develop and eventual cognitive capacity if optimal opportunity and stimulation for cognitive growth are available.

In addition to the above, the COPAS provides a profile of the six most important cognitive constructs, for example: analytical, original and figurative thinking in problem solving. It also provides the measure of accuracy the testee completed the test with. The COPAS is quick and easy to perform and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete – depending on the areas the user wants to measure. The user is provided with a variety of options as to what cognitive information he wants printed out to best serve his needs.




Copas icon 2It also offers a low level cognitive measurement in the form of VERSION II.

The COPAS is also fully linked to the 5 complexity work levels embodied by Elliot Jacques’s Stratified Systems Theory (SST).


Comprehensive measure of cognition as applied in the world of work.







Reliability: Ranging from 0.90 to 0.97 (Significant)
Validity: Ranging from 0.48 to 0.69 (Significant)
Fairness: No significant differences were found by applying the ‘norming process’ in using the four critical known sensitive factors, namely: age, gender, ethnicity and language- in relation to an integrated success criterion –at the 0.001 level.
Readability: The test consists of symbolic test-items to enhance the comprehension and increase the face validity of the instrument among ‘lower level’ assesses, therefore a lower complexity-level COPAS was developed; namely, COPAS I.


  • The StandardCOPAS can be used at a grade 6 schooling level.
  • TheCOPAS Version II can be used at the grade 4 schooling level.
  • If a difference greater than 0.5 is found between the current mental ability and the mental alertness scale, the test-results must be considered invalid.
  • The most important scale generated by theCOPAS is the current mental ability.
  • TheCOPAS must be interpreted by a registered psychologist.
  • If a candidate must be evaluated within a period of six months after completing the mainCOPAS, the candidate in question must be submitted to the alternative COPAS.
  • The user of the COPAS must be guided by the so-called interpretive notes provided in the user manual.




Brain Orientation Profile

BOP – Brain Orientation Profile

The BOP measures the testee’s brain orientation by using 100 items.   There is no time restriction applicable and it takes about 20 minutes to complete.  The user has the option of having the BOP questionnaire completed, which forms part of the COPAS test booklet.  Similarly the user has an option of having the results printed in a dedicated BOP summarised report or only as category F which forms part of the COPAS summarised report.

Research shows that people are born with either a Left or a Right Brain dominance which is classified as a genetic phenomenon.  Brain dominance is not rigid or statistic, nor is a person bound by the hemisphere (left/right side of brain) he/she is accustomed to using.  Response to sensory input and external stimuli can change over time if a person changes their thinking patterns – they can learn to think using the opposite hemisphere.

The ‘left-brainers’ are typically the more rational, analytical, logical, structured, factual, detailed, scientific, numerical, serious and down to earth realistic and practical type who like order and are guided by proven principles.

The ‘right-brainers’ are typically the more creative, open-minded, flexible, unstructured, ‘free-floating’ and intuitive type who see the ‘bigger picture’ and are more emotional, imaginary, artistic and light-hearted (playful) in their orientation.