Phia LogoRisk Assessments & Verification of Documentary Information – Due Diligence


Risk Assessments are conducted in order to determine:

  • Ethical behaviour in the work place
  • Person versus Position match to evaluate whether an individual will fulfil the critical performance requirements of a position in terms of technical skills, personality traits, ability and experience.

A Risk Profile of an individual is compiled by using a combination of the following techniques and instruments:

  • Personal interview
  • Data capturing instrument
  • Work reference analysis
  • Interviewing nominated and/or recruited lifestyle references
  • CV verification
  • Psychometric instruments
  • Verification of information:
    • Credit record analysis
    • Criminal record analysis
    • Verification of qualification
    • Verification of driver’s license
    • Verification of ID numbers
    • Verification of descriptive records (passport, work/residential permit)
    • Deed searches
    • Directorships
    • CIPRO