Customised risk management systems and after-sales service support


Our promise is our distinction: hands-on research, development and implementation of customised, holistic risk management systems for our clients. We guarantee maximum returns with the equipment that we supply and install. Our thorough analysis and understanding of your risk management needs result in top quality system design, accurate costing and professional installation within the agreed time and budget. An additional benefit offered is our comprehensive, continued maintenance and after-sales service agreements for the life of the systems we install.


Phia Henning & Associates Technology Division’s products specifically include the following:


  • CCTV and video surveillance systems

Used in a wide variety of businesses, industries, public surveillance city centres, shopping malls and government agencies for the protection and monitoring of personnel and assets in various facilities.

Our offerings include live video, alarm and remote monitoring solutions for transport and logistics, retail, industrial, manufacturing and other industries – where the safety and security of property and vehicles is critical.

We also provide networking technologies for linking remote data networks and CCTV over LAN/WAN/GSM, as well as broadband wireless technologies.

Products include video cameras, lenses and housings, video matrix switchers, controllers, multiplexers, video transmission systems, digital/network video recorder monitors, fibre optics and racks.

  • Access control systems

Hardware- and software-based products used to monitor, control and appropriately authorise passage into and out of designated areas.

Products include electronic panels, card and biometric readers, door hardware, software interfaces and related peripherals.

  • Fire detection systems

The requirement in monitoring buildings for fire is in many instances governed by law. Many clients neglect their fire detection systems, not testing or maintaining them on a regular basis. We offer additional automatic fire protection services.

Products include fire panels, fire detectors, zone isolators and monitoring equipment.

  • PA and evacuation systems

Maintenance of evacuation systems are also often neglected and should be inspected and maintained frequently.

Products include microphones, amplifiers, speakers and fire resistant cabling.

  • Intruder detection systems

Intruder detection systems are the backbone and last line of defence against intrusion from the outside. These systems need to be tested and upgraded regularly to ensure effective protection against changing onslaughts.

Products include alarm panels, passive infrared detectors, alarm indication systems and a variety of intruder detection devices.

  • Perimeter detection systems

Most industrial sites have extensive perimeters, which, although fenced, are vulnerable to staff removing products from fences or gates. The situation is aggravated by the growing market for stolen goods.

A need exists to implement systems that will overcome the current perimeter technology restraints. We offer secured agencies and products in this regard to address this need effectively.

·           Vehicle CCTV systems

The development of data communication networks allows for a new breed of monitoring solutions for vehicles, including monitoring cameras mounted in vehicles.

Products include cameras, video recorders and mobile communication systems.

·           Systems integration services

Our systems integration services include: consulting (in association with professional consulting companies), planning, design, engineering and installation of risk management systems, training and ongoing maintenance.

More about our product installation phases

Design phase – in this phase, we:

  1. define our client’s requirements, including security needs, concerns and threat identification;
  2. assess risks and threats, including the costs of protection and the return on investment for our client;
  • perform a site survey, including a review of existing equipment and procedures, site conditions and locations, communications type and availability, and power distribution;
  1. determine security needs for access control, alarm monitoring, surveillance, system interfaces and level of system integration; and
  2. develop a master plan, including component selection (for which Phia Henning & Associates Technology Division offers a full range of quality products), product migration and integration, design specifications, engineering drawings and interface definition.

Build phase – in this phase, we:

  1. assess the scope of work;
  2. manage design changes;
  • prepare detailed engineering documents; and
  1. co-ordinate the project with subcontractors and other stakeholders.

Install phase – in this phase, we:

  1. schedule installations;
  2. inspect system components;
  • complete installations;
  1. perform final testing; and
  2. obtain client approval for the system.

Service and support phase:

Following installation, we support our clients through:

  1. 24-hour, 7-day on-call service coverage;
  2. trained service technicians regionally dispatched;
  • comprehensive maintenance;
  1. complete customer training and documentation; and
  2. upgrades and revisions of products